Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My Love List - part 3

Melissa at Operation Nice gave another love list assignment - this one is to write what we love about ourselves. This assignment was so much more difficult than the first two (posted here and here), but I was inspired to do it since I did the others, and it felt so good once I completed them.

I love that I have both a technical side and a creative one, it gives me balance. I love that I had the courage to really embrace my creative side a few years ago by starting Artful Sentiments, after focusing on my technical side for most of my adult life. I love that I am a loyal friend, and am rewarded with loyal friends in return. I love that I have talents and skills to share, and that I share them openly. I love that I'm not afraid to admit what I don't know, it's so much easier than faking it. I love that as I have grown older, I've become less worried about what others think of me and more focused on my own thoughts and feelings. I love my sometimes corny sense of humor. I love that I make myself giggle, and sometimes I even make other people giggle too (that's a bonus). I love that I have one of those laughs that people can recognize from across the room, and that I laugh enough that lots of people know it's me. I love that I cry at sad movies (and sometimes even sad commercials) and I love that I'm able to admit that here. I love that I am sentimental about my family and our history and traditions. I love that I look like my mom.


Melissa said...

That is so sweet!! I love it! I cry at commercials all the time. :) I'd like to think that's because I'm very empathetic towards others...even fake people. Ha!

Erin @ Bride Design said...

I cry at your love lists! They're so sweet. I almost made it through the whole thing, but you had to go and get me with "I love that I look like my mom." I love that I look like my Mom too, and I can only hope one of my daughters will love it if she ends up looking like me. What a beautiful setiment!

Cathe said...

Love your list too, Molly! Especially the last one, " I love that I look like my mom." That is something to treasure! I can't say that I look like my mom, but I do look very much like my paternal grandparents — I get my wavy hair from grandpa and look exactly like grandma!

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