Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My love list, part 2

Melissa at Operation Nice has given another love list assignment this week, so I wanted to share mine with all of you. In this assignment, Mel asked us to share what we love about the people in our lives.

I love spending time with my brother John and sister-in-law Dawn, sharing a fabulous meal, antiquing, or just hanging out in their living room watching a movie. They really know me which is very comforting. I love that John is as sentimental as I am about family and the things that have shaped our lives.

I love my {almost} daily chats with my best friend Michelle. Over the past couple years we've started using our commuting time well - we talk on our cells during the drive and catch up with what's going on in our lives, listen when things aren't quite perfect, and support each other in every way. She is the sister I never had.

I love my cousins, aunts and uncles - we are the closest extended family I know of, even though we don't see each other as often as we might like. We adore getting together for any occasion at all, but especially for holidays, where we are a big, loud crazy crew filled with love. I look forward to all the days we spend together (and am currently looking forward to our fabulous Thanksgiving day).

I love my girlfriends, who are there for me in my life and my business. I know I can always count on Grace, Heidi, Elaine, Jen and Brenda to be there for me when I need them and to forgive me for being to busy with work and life to get together. I love that when I need a break from it all, we can go out for coffee, or meet for dinner or drinks and just relax and enjoy.

I love the time spent with my former coworkers from my first job after college. Our annual charity golf tournament is a testament to our longstanding friendships. The bonds we made when we were all starting our careers together, traveling, and supporting each other through changes in our lives is strong.

I love the old friends who've found me through the internet, and have gotten back in touch. Just last week, an old college friend Rick found me on linkedin, and I'm loving getting reacquainted after more years than I care to admit... and to other old friends, if you're out there reading this and haven't dropped my a line to say hello, I'd love it if you did!

I love the online friends I've made over the past couple of years through Artful Sentiments. The support and sharing is amazing to me. I love that we openly share successes and challenges, so that we may all learn from each other.

I love my customers, readers and supporters. Your comments here in the blog, on flickr, in email, and when we see each other mean so much to me. I love when you love what I'm doing, and I love when you are honest with me about what you'd like to see me change or add. Thank you.

And I love that Melissa is challenging me, and all her readers, to remember what it means to be nice. It enriches my day and my life to think positively and act kindly.

(You can see my first love list here.)


Melissa said...

I love your love list!!! :)

stacy di said...

this is the sweetest, nicest thing! thanks for sharing your list!

Maria Elena said...

This is such a heartwarming list...glad you shared!

Molly said...

Thanks ladies... writing it down made me feel warm all over.

Cathe said...

I love your 2nd list, Molly!

{evy} said...

Your list is beautiful. I loved reading it. Thanks so much for sharing it. xo

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