Thursday, December 10, 2009

Inspired: Snowflakes

I have always been enamored by snowflakes - they are a marvel to me - a lovely symmetry, complex yet simple. As is fitting for the season, I've been seeing them everywhere the recently, but not just literal snowflakes. These snowflake-like images bring back memories, not only of many delightful winter days, but of a favorite childhood toy - the Spirograph!

It all started with my daily peek at a favorite blog, Cafe Cartolina, where I saw this lovely jewelry from JenJewelry. Little pieces of wearable art, so much like the pieces created with a Spirograph - maybe even better... (just this jewelry addict's opinion). I wonder if Jen was inspired by the Spirograph when creating her amazing collection?

Then, a few days ago I was in Restoration Hardware, browsing through their novelties and toys, when I found the Hypotrochoid Art Set, in a little tin, so reminiscent of the original Spirograph! What a sweet creative outlet these would make.
And again, yesterday, as I browsed through the holiday issue of Martha Stewart Living, I found these beautiful lacy yarn pieces, created with a tool called the Knitwit. (Apparently it's been around since the '70's, and I believe it's the only craft I've never attempted - or even seen!). Martha shows examples made with some of the most beautiful yarns, and uses them to make pillow covers, embellish sweaters and more. So charming. (Add this to my list of crafts to try.) And it's all quite fitting, given that winter is arriving and snowflakes are flying, and very inspiring.

Hmmm, I am envisioning some spirograph inspired snowflakes in next year's collection.....

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