Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Warm and Wooly....

now in my etsy shop!

I just love these sweet designs - they remind me of my childhood, winter days, and playing in the snow. I first designed the mitten card several years ago, inspired by my grandmother. Gram loved to knit, and I was lucky enough to always have hand knitted sweaters and hats and mittens. Each year, she would knit me a new pair of mittens, the pair was tied together with a long yarn that you'd thread through your jacket sleeves, so you'd never lose them!
Gram taught me how to knit when I was a child, but it never really held my interest for long enough to make anything bigger than a doll blanket or potholder. I'm thinking I might like to give it a try now, I probably have enough patience to at least end up with a scarf, and with all the lovely hand dyed yarns out there.... hmmmm, I'm talking myself into it!


Julie said...

I had mittens with that long string on them too! Thanks for the memory. :-)

Rebecca said...

Lovely cards, Molly! I especially love the mitten :)
I hear you...knitting is not enough instant gratification for me. I need to see results right away or I get bored!
Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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