Friday, August 31, 2007

Birthday Boy! What can I say?

I'm a very visual person, and because of that, most of my cards are blank. In one respect, this is good - they can easily be used for multiple occasions. In another respect, this is not so good - so many people are intimidated by blank cards because they don't know what to write inside.

This is
my first post of a series - I will offer you a little help in that department, by pairing some of my card designs with an example of what message would make them perfect for that special occasion. In honor of my brother's birthday, which is in just a couple of days, I'm going to start with some guy birthday card ideas!

I sell this card with the message printed inside. The concept was inspired by my clever friend Brian. What sporting guy isn't going to appreciate the bowling ball and pins? And inside: Another Birthday Strikes!

Who doesn't remember those summer days during childhood, when the dandelions went to seed and we made wishes on them? (Oh, yeah, we also spread all those pesky seeds all over dad's lawn in the process!) What about a dandelion card to celebrate a lawn-obsessed guy's birthday - and inside: May All Your Wishes Come True!

And last but not least, man's best friend... this card was inspired by my brother's sweet dog who loves cake and shares my name - Molly-dog's birthday. What would I write inside this one? Let them Eat Cake!

(oh, and Happy Birthday Johnny!)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Artful, Indie and Fresh

It's been a busy summer at Artful Sentiments! I've been printing lots of cards and journals and assembling the new 2008 calendars and magnets galore for my shop and many fabulous retailers across the U.S. that stock my goodies.

I've designed several new holiday cards, and of course last year's favs are also available... Last year I sent the "chill" card to everyone on my list, it was a bit of an affirmation for me!

I've also been working with some other wonderful business owners in two coops, IndieFinds, a group of over 100 talented peeps with delightful online shops, and A Fresh Bunch, a group of fabulous stationery business owners who have joined forces to help promote eachother. Please check out both of these great groups.
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