Monday, June 21, 2010

Welcome Summer!

Ah, the first day of summer! The arrival brings back so many fabulous memories - simpler times when every day was filled with bike rides and lemonade and beaches.

I spent summers at the beach when I was a child - those days were the best of simple living. I get nostalgic for those joyous summers every year when the weather warms. I cherish my memories of those days, when my bicycle was my main form of transportation - my bicycle with only one speed, a bell and a basket to fill with little treasures, like flowers or shells, collected in my travels. I rode my bike to the beach almost every day, on adventures with my cousins, to movie night with all the kids. And I rode, well, just for the fun of it, with no destination in mind.

Since I don't have a bike any more, I think I'll take a walk today, and celebrate this first day of summer. A walk, just for the fun of it, with no destination in mind. And I may bring a basket along to fill with treasures I find along the way.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day....

... to all the wonderful dads out there!

(me and my dad, when I was about 6 months old)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Family time.

I'm so excited that in a couple weeks we'll be getting the family together for a reunion (on my maternal grandfather's side of the family). For quite some time we had reunions every few years, but it's been ages since we were all together and I'm really looking forward to it.

When I was growing up, my grandfather's family was centered around the family farm, which was about a mile from my home. I have early memories of playing at the farm, cows, and driving into the corn fields to pick sacks of fresh corn for our dinner. The farm is no longer there, but the family and memories are strong.

Like all families, ours has gone through a lot of changes in the last several years, new additions will help to make the day joyous, and remembering those we've lost will make it bittersweet. I do know we will have loads of fun, water balloons, delicious food and much valued time together.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Berry love.

The last few day's I've been obsessed - impatiently waiting for the arrival of the perfect summer strawberries to the fields and farm stands in my area. And at long last, I'm able to indulge.

Now, I'm moving on to obsessing about corn on the cob, native tomatoes and peaches. It's gonna be a long month or so.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The {unofficial} start of summer....

Ah, summer. Although it's not officially here for a few more weeks, it has been feeling like summer already, and I must say, I'm loving it! I've been a bit to busy to indulge myself with a beach day (or lounge around for an afternoon drinking icy margaritas), but I have been taking advantage of the warm days with some simple pleasures - early morning walks, having my morning coffee and afternoon iced tea outside on the deck, wearing sandals every day. And I get so much joy from these little things!

I've been busy printing, making magnets, mirrors and bottle openers, and sending goodies to some lovely retailers in coastal communities - yes, loads of lobsters, whales, mermaids and sea shells!

It's all putting me right in the mood for a little summer excursion. Time to make a plan, I think!

What about you? Any plans for a trip to the beach this summer?
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