Thursday, January 07, 2010

Things I love: Speaking of Chocolate...

Cupcakes. Of course, who doesn't love cupcakes? Chocolate or otherwise. I am completely enchanted by all the little cupcake shops that have popped up in nearly every town over the past few years. It is so wonderful to see something that was once relegated only to kid's birthday parties develop into a treat for everyone, and a true art form as well! And all the cupcake goodies out there make it possible to elevate the cupcake to a new level.

Don't you just adore these cupcake pedestals? I can just imagine one at each place setting for a lovely little dessert after a girls' lunch.
Or how about these amazing paper cupcake wrappers? They certainly make every little cupcake extra special.
Of course, Artful Sentiments has its share of cupcakes as well (including one of the newest - Chocolate + Moose) and in addition to all the cupcake cards, I decided that cupcake magnets are a must! So here they are. Sweet, huh?

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