Sunday, October 19, 2008

Life's a beach.... any time of the year.

The beach is a big part of my life and inspiration, not only in the summer, but throughout the year. As a New England native, and a beach-lover since I was 2 weeks old, I am incredibly inspired by the joys of the coast.

Many of my customers, both wholesale and retail, are along the New England coastline, on lovely Cape Cod, the craggy coast of Maine, the beaches of Rhode Island and Connecticut, and of course, the tiny New Hampshire coastline. I've always had a collection inspired by coastal living , and a couple of years ago expanded it to include coastal holidays, combining New England tradition and a bit of whimsy.

This year, one of my retailers, P-Town Pulp in Provincetown (at the very tip of the Cape), asked if I could message the inside of the normally blank coastal holiday was a bit of a challenge, but wonderful fun! I struggled a bit, not wanting to be too corny, but definitely needing something beyond a generic greeting.... so I thought I'd share a few of my favorites!
Now... I've got tons more of those lobsters with holly to print, so I'd better get back to work.


Erin @ Bride Design said...

I would have thought you'd been copy writing for years! Your sentiments are not corny at all, and when paired with your creative designs add some additional warmth and whimsy. So cool!

Molly said...

Oh, thank you Erin! I have to admit, I have some great friends who I call on whenever I am stumped with writing greetings... after a few glasses of wine, we usually end up with the perfect words.

Julie said...

molly - I love the snowflakes & seal card - and the caption is absolutely perfect!

{evy} said...

The cards are so great. I love them all, and that lobster is fab!!!!

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