Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Fever!

I have it bad. Despite the chilly New England weather, I rejected socks for Easter Sunday. Refused to put them on. Admittedly, I felt a bit like a rebellious child, doing something that I knew wasn't very sensible, but I did it anyway. Fortunately it was a pretty nice day, so I didn't freeze my toes! Unfortunately, despite what the calendar says, spring isn't really here yet, so I can't put away my socks (and sweaters) just yet.

There was a little dusting of s&@# (yes, it's a 4-letter word) on the grass this morning, and more in the forecast for Friday... not enough to really accumulate, but enough to keep it from feeling like spring.

I should be thankful that it's only a dusting. We've been known to have feet of snow in March and April, and a little further north, people are dealing with just that. My friend Michelle and her family went their camp in Maine for Easter, and found 3 feet of snow in their yard, and a big icy pile at the end of the driveway courtesy of the plows. (Yes, I can handle a dusting, I guess.)

I've been compensating for the long winter by carving flowers... lots of flowers... some of which you can see here. Despite my attempts to create designs in some other categories to have ready for the Boston Gift Show and National Stationery Show, but I can't seem to focus on anything but spring blooms. And I know, the real spring blooms will be here very soon!


Rebecca said...

Oh Molly...I can totally sympathize! I am so sick of the cold and am longing to get my fingers in the dirt and start planting! I love your new hydrangea print!! Makes me think of the warm months ahead.
Take care!

Rebecca said...

good seeing you today at the show....LOVE the new coasters. Will be in touch!

Molly said...

Great to see you too Rebecca! Would have loved to have a little more time to chat, but it was also so good that my little booth was so busy!

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