Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hello Cuckoo!

Well, my creative journey has taken a bit of a detour over the past several months.  I've been struggling, not feeling particularly creative, and not finding the time to make art (which, by the way, makes me so happy...) and I needed a bit of a kickstart.  So when I heard of Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells Assignment bootcamp, I knew it was for me.  It's a six month program, with an assignment each month.  This month we explored cuckoo clocks.  We spent our first week sketching (it was fabulous to pick up pencil and paper and draw pages of cuckoos, and other elements that could be used in cuckoos). Here are some of my early sketches.  

Toward the end of the week I went back to my favorite medium, and started working on block prints.  I honed my design, and with the help and generous critiques of the fabulous community of artists on facebook who are also taking this bootcamp, I headed down the path toward my final design.  

At the beginning of the second week, we learned that we were to use our designs on cell phone cases. I explored a few options - adding different design elements from my collection of block prints and different colorways. I tweaked, and played, and thoroughly enjoyed the process!  I used a template and tutorial from a fellow bootcamper to mock up iphone cases, which helped in my decision process. Here are a few of the options I considered for my final submission to the gallery.

I ended up deciding on the dark blue, mocked it up with a few other designs and patterns... and hit the upload button! I can't wait for the gallery of submissions to go live, and see my design among those of the many talented artist taking this course. (Oh, and I can't wait for my new cuckoo case to arrive from Zazzle!)

Now we get the last week of February off, and I'm sure I'll spend it anxiously waiting for the next assignment!


bethania said...

Lovely, bold, brilliant!

Molly said...

Thanks for your sweet comment, Bethania!

linda said...

oh wow, love the choice of going bold blue, it looks very classic and timeless! thanks for sharing and joining the linkup!

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