Monday, February 15, 2010

I love: Mittens...

... especially beautiful hand knit mittens! My grandmother knit mittens for me (and all the other kids in the family) every year when I was a growing up, always with a little pattern on them, and always with the long string that you would thread through the sleeves of your jacket, so you'd never lose one of the prized mittens!

Although these days gloves seem so much more practical than mittens, I do still find mittens so charming - they remind me fondly of my childhood and the joys of snow days, sledding, and snowmen.

Me, my little brother John, and cousin Sarah in the snow.

Do you love mittens too? Well, here's your chance to win an amazing pair of mittens from the Vancouver Olympics, from the lovely and talented Fiona of Cartolina and Cafe Cartolina.

(Thanks for a great giveaway, Fiona... and I really, really hope I win!)


Fiona Cartolina said...

I love that photograph Molly! I hope you win mittens too - I have quite a few pairs so the odds are very good! Thanks for blogging my giveaway!

kimberly said...

That photo of you is precious! Thanks for the give away info, too.

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