Sunday, February 22, 2009

A lovely little diversion

I've always had a fascination with terrariums, they are such delightful little self-contained gardens. I've been seeing them more frequently lately, and decided to try my hand at putting one together as a gift for a friend.

I did a little reading online, made my list of things to buy, and headed out to a local nursery, and a few other shops to buy my supplies. Of course, while I was shopping for the goodies I needed for this project, I decided I needed a little terrarium for myself.

Shopping list
1. Lidded glass container
2. Small pebbles for drainage bottom of container
3. Sphagnum moss (to layer on top of pebbles to keep the soil from compacting into the pebbles)
4. Potting soil
5. Plants... all of which like the same living conditions (moisture, light), including sheet moss.

I found great little apothecary jars at Target (on sale - yay!) and everything else I needed at the nursery. There was a beautiful selection of tiny ferns, and other little plants which I just loved... it was difficult for me to limit myself to just enough for the two terrariums (that is, until I reminded myself that I'm really not that good with houseplants, and I should start slowly). I knew I was on the right track with my choices when I went to pay for my plants (etc) and the woman knew I was making a terrarium. Assembling the terrariums was really quite simple - I just layered everything, arranged the plants, added some water, and that was it! Now, we'll see if I can keep mine alive, and if so, I'll treat myself to a bigger container, and more lovely little plants.

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Rebecca said...'s like springtime in a jar! I think you've inspired me to make one :)

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