Monday, December 29, 2008

The last days of 2008...

I'm well rested after a lovely (though slightly hectic) holiday with my family and friends, and I must admit, I spent most of the weekend lounging around, not really accomplishing much of anything... the perfect antidote to the Christmas rush, I think!

Througout the fall and early winter, I've been working on new designs, printing, and preparating for 2009, but still have lots to do in the remaining days of 2008, and for the start of the new year, so I'd better get busy.

First up for me is clean-up and organization of my studio / office (oh, not to mention the rest of my home). I did ask Santa to send me a couple elves to help if he could spare them after Christmas, but it seems they couldn't make it, so I guess I'm on my own. I am armed with some storage boxes from the Container Store and various other sources that I've purchased on sale in recent months, garbage bags for the big purge, and inspiration from the beautifully organized spaces I've seen on so many blogs and on flickr, especially in the Pretty Organized and Organization is for Squares groups. If you're looking for some motivatation and inspiration to get your space in order, check them out. I hope to be able to get my studio looking beautiful (and functioning well) over the next few days, so I can share it here and on flickr as well!


Julie said...

Molly - can't wait to see your studio. I'm an organization junkie - I go nuts in the Container Store & Ikea. :-)

{evy} said...

looking forward to seeing the studio. happy happy new year!

Maria Elena said...

I had no idea those flickr groups existed & I love the inspiration! Can't wait to see your photos. Happy New Year!

cartolina said...

Hey thank for those links Molly - I am so lousy at find what I am looking for in Flickr.

Good luck with your spring cleaning!


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