Saturday, July 12, 2008

One of the things I love about having my own biz.... getting to know some really amazing small business owners, from all over the country (and world!). We share experiences, support and encourage each other, as we navigate through new business milestones, ups and downs.

I've been helping Carrie of Sommer Designs out a bit with how things work at a wholesale show, and sharing my many resources and long to-do and to-bring lists for setup and the show itself. Carrie is exhibiting in her first wholesale show - the California Gift Show next week, debuting her fabulous new full aprons, to complement her line of half aprons, beautiful bags, and sweet hand sewn gifts. You can visit her blog to get a peek at her new aprons, and the gorgeous photographs she has to show them off!

I was so excited to go to my PO Box today and find a lovely gift from Carrie - these beautiful lavender liners. Now my unmentionables will be smelling 0h-so-pretty.
Thanks so much for the wonderful gift, Carrie, and for thinking of me when I know you're so busy! (Oh, and of course, have a great show!)

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Carrie S. said...

Oh yay! I hope you enjoy them, and thank you again for all your awesome support and advice! I think I'm on track!

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